We're building a

safe space to Grow

We're building a safe

space to Grow

Help us build the Buena Onda Project, a center for daycare, after-school programs, and camps to support single mothers of Punta Colonet

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Our Mission

Originally a fishing village, through agriculture, Punta Colonet grew to a community of approximately 4,000 people. The majority of people in Colonet work in fields picking tomatoes, peppers, onions, etc. Workers earn approximately $16 a day and often work 12 hours in a shift, 6 or 7 days of the week. 

Our mission for Punta Colonet is both to strengthen and empower families and to strategically invest in it’s emerging generation.

The Project

Our first project on our land was the construction of four cabins and the shower house. This has enabled us to host groups and sleep 24 people in beds.

Presently we are constructing our main facility which will house our offices, storage, commercial kitchen, classrooms, cafeteria, gathering space, library, apartment for interns, and an apartment for our Buena Onda manager. Once we complete our building we will be able to open the doors to the community and begin to see the impact we have been dreaming for. 

Our Vision


We will come along side single moms who work in agricultural camps by providing free daycare services. These courageous and hard-working moms will no longer be forced to leave their children unsupervised


Buena Onda will be the place to be for Middle and High School students. Weekly events will be designed to be fun and inspirational.


Internships will be available for both Mexican and American graduates who qualify and are interested in learning to launch and run a facility such as ours.


We are committed to providing work opportunities for single moms. Positions will include daily operations, cleaning and leasing of the cabins.


Moms receiving free daycare support will be required to attend a monthly class dedicated to personal development. Budgeting, self-care, and healthy living to name a few, these topics will enrich women to maximize their lives and the lives of their families.


From rainwater harvesting all the way to organic food and producing plants, our project has been designed with a mindful and sustainable approach. 


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How to Help


With your help, we will open our doors in 2023 and begin to come alongside the Punta Colonet community in life-changing ways. A heartfelt “thank you” for your love for single moms and the children of Baja!

We accept donations of money, toys, clothing, canned goods, and anything else you think would support the residents of Punta Colonet.

Watch our documentary

The Other Side is shot in Baja California, Mexico, telling a story you might not expect from the vantage point of 4 adventure motorcycle riders from Southern California. Showcasing the adrenaline rush of the wild side of Baja, it’s not that much different than the struggle to survive in everyday life.

Meet us, meet them. Welcome to Buena Onda.


If you have a skill set that will support the project or you’re looking to get your hands dirty, please reach out to us.

Send a team

Is your organization looking to make a difference and become closer as a team? Come help us build a future for Colonet.

Cabin Rental

Looking for a secluded surf spot? Riding across Baja? Stay with us. Our cabins accommodate up to 24 people.

Contact Us

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions, looking to send a team, rent a cabin, or volunteer.


Thank you to our amazing partners who consistently help to make Buena Onda happen. You are loved and appreciated.
Thank you to our amazing partners who consistently help to make Buena Onda happen. You are loved and appreciated.